Saturday, April 11, 2009

whats been going on?

Its Spot! Finally after an extra half an hour wait.
Spot doing the hokey pokey

poor Spot was having trouble getting through the crowd

Whats this? Reading a story to 300 kids ?

No microphone no way we could hear anything..... And we were up the front!

ahh ha! I found it!

ai my maties ... pirate loo

monkey girl testing her climbing skills

mum will never notice me climbing up here

After a hard day you just needa nice place to have a nap...zzzzzzz

I know Ive been increadibly slack with the blog of late and as punishment I now have to catch up! So looking back we have had our little girl who has discovered that she can climb as well as her big brother and has been experementing by climbing on our bed on the couch's and the table! Yes I found her sitting on the table one morning then a day later she had progressed to dancing on the table while eating an apple ( and spitting the peel all over the table for me). We have a tolit trained little boy finally! and I managed to take some super funny pics of him on the "loo"

Then in a moment of INSANITY I decided to take the little kids to the town library to see "Spot" if you have small children you will know who I am refering to, for those who dont he is a book character and is very popular. I didnt think he would be as popular as he was the day we went it was a nightmare! Kids everywhere parents cracking the sad's because they are getting squashed. I dont think the "powers that be" thought it was going to be such a big event. Check the pics AGH!

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