Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Garden update

Dahlias at the letterbox

The roses and petuna and dalia's at the turn circle

One of my new clibling roses I planted 4 of these 2 on each side of the house I'm hoping that they grow up and out so they close off the space under the house.

The sandpit all built no prebuilt stuff! Allen has done a really good job setting this up the kids love it. The rope at the back is for the little monkeys to climb on its doing really well :o)

Yes we did put a cover on it we have alot of cats in the neighbourhood, we used some shade cloth and a piece of wood the hold it down securely. We have heaps of Tonka trucks for them to play with.

The Sunflowers, pumpkins, tomatoes here self seeded its where the old chook pen was.

This is one of my baby pumpkin plants

As you can see the toms went mad this year and the zucchini has done a great job

more zucchini plants and my baby nectarine tree plus all the raspberries along the back near the fence. The middle of the garden bed did have seedlings in it but the snails got to them so will need replacing this week grrr hate snails!

Th Super chook pen we are planning on getting 10 more from a local chook farm Allen still needs to put some tin on the other sides so that they saty dry and on the left you can see Charlie our neighbours rooster hes over for a play date :o) Our chicken "henny" has been clucky so we thought he could help her out

After looking back at some of the blog pictures I noticed that the last garden pics were a bit sad so I went out yesterday afternoon and took some new ones, as you can see Ive done a bit of work putting in some new plants and I know it will pay off later its just that right now it still looks bare. I have a lot more work to do and alot more plants to buy but I'll get there..... I'm alos wanting to put up a new fence (hopefully before winter hits) across the back of the garden. Still heaps to do in the meantime.

I have a huge busy day with a trip into town to visit the vampires, yes Im giving blood today a group of us are going even Jasmine said she would come :o) Allen has 2 job interviews and Niamh has to go to the hospital and get fitted for her new boots and bars. Phew! We are taking all the kids minus one Xaviour is in Melbourne for a few days :o(
I might try to take my hand vac back Ive only had it 5 weeks and now it wont go at all!!!!! Not happy! Will see how we all feel after lunch we may just pack up and come home.

After Easter we are hoping to get Allens papers signed off so we can hand them into court regarding the child support order from the states. We have been trying to get this done for a over year now, we tried to get it done ourselves but we didnt get anywhere so we hired a lawyer here and hes been sorting through it all for us. This will mean that he will be seen as an Aussie by the Aus child support system and they will take over the case and the payments which means it will get adjusted properly and then he can afford to make the payments. I mean the current order is 1275 US dollars a month! Thats just silly and to be paying that here under Australia's child support formula he would have to earn over 100K a year. So we are looking forward to that being dealt with, its just a shame that the other parent is not willing to give any in this case, as the step father yelled at us when we were last in court "We just want the money" hmm what does that tell you? I thought it was whats best for the children?

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