Friday, November 13, 2009

Black tie

Allen and I were invited to a Black Tie dinner a few months ago and all I could think was what the heck am I going to find to wear??? I know this is a common thing for women it made it more difficult when Im almost 8 months pregnant! So the task of finding something that was A> affordable and B. Something that would pass for Black Tie? Tricky.... I had a quick look in the maternity stores and decided that paying for anything that expensive was just out of the question I just cant justify spending huge amounts of money on an item that might get used once... So off to the Op Shops to see what I could find there, I have got lucky in the past in finding some super bargins so I did the rounds of all the ones that are decent. No luck there double bum! The question was were to go next? I had a look through the big stores Myer etc no luck and again to pricey when I did find something so on the way back to the car I go throguh Target and I found a black and white maxi dress teamed up with a dark red shiffon jacket I thought that should pass.(I did find some awsome shoes huge heels Jasmine loves them too).
After settling the little kids we headed off it was interesting to see what others considered Black tie, some guy was wandering around with black jeans and a black shirt it was a bit of fun to watch. Some of the women werent much better! I mean you get only so many oportunities to wear something really nice and some of them were shockers! Some young irl turned up in a "dress" that was nothing more than a T shirt with some elastic around the base to hold it under her backside. hehehehehe
We left early so we could still order a pizza for us to eat :o) We had a great time and Grant and Jan who were our hosts for the night did a great job. Yes there were pictures taken (not by me) and yes they did manage to get one of me ( I hate having my picture taken when Im pregnant) I'll get a copy and put it up as soon as I have it.
Ohh also should have a great day tomorrow as Im taking Jasmine and the little kids to the HUGE! Wiggles concert in Launceston in the morning Jasmine is so excited to see them she's been watching them since she was a little girl :o)

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Sim-Dim said...

Sounds like a lovely dress. Can't wait to see the pics.