Sunday, November 15, 2009

we're off to see the Wiggles!

Today we went to see the Wiggles in concert at the Silverdome in Launceston. I had booked "hot Potato seats so I knew we were front and centre on the floor seating (go me!). We left home at about 9:30 and got to the Silverdome just before 10am as the concert didnt start till 11am. I thought we were theere early but there were allready about 300 people ahead of us! We (Jasmine, Gabriel,Niamh and myself) went to have a look at the gift shoop first and I bought the kids a wags tail, a dorothy tail and a feathersword each. they looked very cute with their tails on :o) We waited for the doors to open and then were led into the stadium and down a million stairs to the floor so we could find our seats. We were seated at the end of a row so we had a great view of the stage. They had music playing befor ethe show and Jasmine took Gabriel up to the stage and sat him on it to have his picture taken. The show satred on time with a circus theme which included accrobats and juggling as well as some nifty trampoline stuff. All the Wiggles came out on the stage one by one and introduced themselves. Jeff was first out followed by Sam then Murry then (my favorite) Anthony. they started with "rock a by your bear" and we all sang along. Gabriel was in awe of them I dont think he comprehended till then that they were real!

After the first song ended the Wiggles all got off the stage and walked up and down every isle (and I mean EVERY isle) to say hi to all the kids they shook hands possed for pics and played a huge game of frisby to each other and a fair few parents who helped join in :o) Niamh got a pat from Murry when he was passing by us( she was standing in the isle). ALl the charactors were there as well Dorothy, Wags,Henry, and Captain Feathersword. There were never less than 2 performers from the group on stage at one time and most of the time (unless doing a costume change) they were all on stage for the full 90 mins. They sang all their hits and some groovy new ones that the kids really liked too :o) Jasmine was having as much fun as the little ones were if not more I mean she has grown up with them watching them since she was born! She was excited to come and sang just as loud as the ones on stage :o) All in all it was a fantastic show! The kids really had fun (all of them) and if I could go again next week I think I would they were great!

*photos to follow Jasmine has them all*

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