Saturday, November 7, 2009

Billicart challenge

Today we had the annual Billicart challenge for church. We had East and West wards from Launceston, Burnie, Devonport, and Us from Deloraine ward. The teams are broke into boys and girls and each have their own cart that they have to help make and design themselves. Our girls from Dloraine won last year so they had to try and retain their title.

They had 3 races one was a cross country challenge where they went half way down the hill round a cone then up the hill to the finish line. Both our boys and girls tams won their event. Then they had to push a member of their leadership up the hill again Deloraine girls won and the boys just got through by a fast finishing Burnie team. The main event is the down hill run, this is a fairly steep hill and this year we had a left turn to manuvor at the bottom of the hill (tricky). This left alot of room for overtaking if your game... The Burnie team got a bit close to the Deloraine girls and they almost crashed "Morgan" who was doing the driving did a fanastic job and we came away with the win! The boys did a great job too by winning their race!

It was agreat day with sausages in bread for lunch for everyone after the main race had been won. It wasa fantastic day weather wise with lots of sun and Im sure more than a few people getting burnt. Gabriel and Niamh drank all the cordial I bought plus more and ate all the bikies I bought for them to eat. Niamh sat with everyone at one stage or another during the day, Thats what I love about being at one of the church activities even if the kids wander off I know that someone will be watching them even if I cant see them :o)

I was more than ready to go home by 1:30 (we were there at 10am) so after sitting in the sun and baking while trying to watch the races and the little kids was tiring and I was glad to get home and have a cool shower.

Well done Deloriane champions again !!!

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