Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to work!

I had a very slack week last week with the washing and cleaning really been neglected with me doing the bare minimum for the day. ALlen was fantastic getting all the washing done for me over the weekend and that takes forever with 5 kids! I do 2 loads a day pretty much just to keep up with it, so it doesnt take much to get behind.
We had a whole day at home yesterday just having a family day at home playing cards and just being together instead of running somewhere. The kids really enjoyed it plaing Phase 10 and Uno, then watching Toy Story 3 in the afternoon :o)
Today is the start of another week and beack to work I go... @ loads of washing done, slept the floor emtyed the dishwasher and restacked it. cleaned the benches down and washed the kitchen table after breakfast, gone to playgroup and gave the kids their morning tea and lunch, folded 2 loads of washing and about to put 2 kids down for a nap. phew! Then theres afternoon tea after their nap then we start the tea time routine of bath, dinner, book, bottle for Niamh then bed.. and inbetween I still have the baby to feed his lunch and breastfeed, and change his nappy :o) Can't wait till Tuesday when the kids are at daycare !

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Sim-Dim said...

Sounds very busy indeed. :) One gets tired just reading about it!!