Sunday, July 4, 2010

Relief society notices

Ok as promised ; I tried to post on the RS site but it wont let me hmm???

So check out what we have on this month.

8th Play group at suzannes 10am

9th Monster Youth Challenge at Deloraine Chapel 7-9.30pm

15th Sewing at Phylis 7pm

16th Family reunion dinner with the Young Women and RS please bring a dish related to your heritage 6pm

21st Cooking at Suzannes ; Bread/ Flour

22nd Playgroup

23rd Bush Dance at Chapel

24th Temple Fireside with Elder Hoare of the 70 and pressident Lobey the temple pressident.


We also need VT reported please.


5th Valeria Tolputt

7th Yvonne Dunthorn

9th Emma Porter

10th Rachel Brown

11th Luz Bellchambers

13th Zuleika Buck

31st Beverly Scott.

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