Saturday, July 10, 2010

sleep deprevation

Its official Im so tired my eyes are hanging by a thread. I can understand why sleep deprevation is used in was as a tourturing devise. Its been 8 weeks (9 this week) since Hezekiah has slept properly and Im exhausted :o( Im living off about 4 hours of broken sleep a night and my body is not coping very well at all. Im living off chocolate at the moment just to keep me awake and some what functioning. I say somewhat because Ive been grumpy and a pain to live with this whole time and I can say that with no guilt what so ever. At times I have been so tired that I have cried and cried because my body is screaming for sleep.

As mothers we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to talking to each other we all believe that everyone else is doing fine and that we have the only child on the planet who isnt sleeping or eating their vegies or who won't tolit train or clean their room. The fact is we are just part of a giant club that no one wants to admit being a member of. "Hi my names Katherine and my baby refuses to sleep". "Hi Katherine"..... I was listening to a friend today talk about the sleeping problems that she is having and I told her your not alone and just because your doing things that the ëxperts" say not to do doesnt make you a bad parent! It just makes you a good one it menas you have recognised that there is a problem and that you are doing whats best for you and your baby and you have recognised what works for that individual situation! Don't berate yourself for not getting the washing done, or tea is late because the baby is crying all day giving you enough time to dash to the bathroom and back and thats it. Just relax and set some goals hey lets try and do this today and if that gets done then great but if it doesnt then who cares ! We'll try again in the morning. I myself am going to be trying something different this week and I'll let you know if Ive been successful Im optimistic but not going to flog a dead horse if its not working. Wish me luck... and hey text me if you up cause I'll probably be up too :o)

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emjay1000 said...

hey Katherine, I hope it works for you! Lack of sleep is literally a torture devise! Brain does not function well without it! Good Luck.