Friday, April 1, 2011

Gabriels birthday and soccer game

The end of March sees my Father and Gabriel celebrate their birthdays, they were born on the same day so thats kinda special :o) This year we had an early birthday with papa and nana here and he got to open his pressies a couple of days early he wa super excited !!! Then a week later when it was his actual birthday he got more pressents and a cake! He was really loving it he kept saying its my birthday again! Then on the Sunday he had another cake and candles at church! Another birthday!!! Im sure that he thought it was never going to end :o) The other thing we got to do is go to soccer! Gabriel is 5 so he gets to play the game just like his big brother Xaviour xxx He adores Xaviour even if they don't agree all the time ;o) He did a pretty good job chasing the ball around the other side did a great job and won. Im sure the next few weeks will be fun with the little kids playing early and Xaviour playing later in the day Saturdays have gone till September, they'll be back :o) Can't wait for winter brrrrrr Ok so we got this way right?
And their off! The pack chasing the ball so cute hehehe
Coach is trying to talk to them
Looking pretty cool in his soccer gear check out the blue boots!
Gabriels birthday cake with a big "G"on it and 5 candles
Happy Birthday buba! blow!
WoW!!! A battle ship!
Very excited
Ohh cool a crazy car robot! aka Transformer!

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