Friday, April 1, 2011

Jasmines18th birthday

What a month March was! Jasmine my baby girl turned 18 years old, it's been a struggle at times but well worth the ride (and the grey hair). Jasmine is a well spoken charming young woman and Im so proud of her XXX Her birthday was actually the day before her party so we has our traditional what do you want for tea meal, and I always make a birthday cake with candles :o) My kids love my cake yum yum and everyone had some :o) The party was approaching fast and we had heaps of stuff to do! Allen and Xaviour spent most of the day cooking the 30kg of pork for our guests while we stayed at home and got the salads and desserts plated up. The jumping castle arrived on time and the guy was so nice, he stayed a bit longer just cause he was having fun and thought all the kids were great. Health our awsome DJ did a fantastic job with the music and smoke machine, the kids had a blast! Allen and Xaviour got home at just after 12am and I went to bed after 1am. We were all a bit flat and tired the next day but nana Sandra bought some roast chickens for us for lunch and we had those with the leftover salads Jasmine had a great time and now we all have a break till Xaviour turns 21 or Jasmine gets married! hahaha!!! Happy Birthday baby girl xx
Our beautiful daughter Jasmine has grown up into a wonderful young woman xx
Papa telling her a joke she just cracked up!
Jasmine licking the cream off :o)
Niamh is a mini Jasmine its so funny to watch them together :o)
Jasmine and making a face again hehehe
Some of the yummy desserts!!!
mmmmm fruit salad yummy yummy!!!
Get it while its hot!! The pork turned out beautifully, Thanks Allen xxx
Lining up for tea
This is how we took care of Hezekiah
Some of the photos of JAsmine and yeah we had a bare bum one :o)
The pressie table
Yvettes awsome cushion that she made for her :o)

Jasmine and Me :o)

The jumping castle it almost touched the roof!

Happy Birthday!!!

The dancing game quick grab a partner!

All smoke and mirrors, nah just the macarena

Jasmine and Alyce and Jake making a face
Jasmine and Luke Rad again with the face!
Jasmine and Dan yes he is that tall!!! With their "whateva"photo :o)
cool Morgan
Jasmine and Xaviour the next day still looking tired :o)

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Katherine said...

very funny Xaviour you are not!!! Your my beautiful boy xxx