Saturday, January 7, 2012

72 hour emergency packs

Ok so we have been told to keep a 72 hour pack for each memebr of the family, there should be enough food and a change of clothes, as well as basic medical supplies plus some things such as reflector blankets, candles, matches. We aslo have a copy of our marriage cert, passports, credit cards, insurance details. Ive been updating ours again I do ours once a year. I found a whole heap of nappies that wont fit Hezekiah anymore plus clothes that none of the kids will fit in! Also the cereal that was in them is wayyyyy out of date so they went in the bin. So for the next few weeks I'll be doing more updating of our packs. We have them for emergencys such as flood, fire, earthquake. Its so that we can just grab our packs and go no time wasting trying to grab all the stuff we might need. Id love to get some freeze dried food because it lasts 2 years and I wont have to worry so much but the cost gets to me (ouch). Still it is on my "wish list" :)

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