Monday, February 13, 2012

Hospital stay

Ok so on the 30th of January I woke up and was having some trouble walking.. I didnt think much of it at the time as I'd just got up. ... Fast forward till dinner time 6.30pm that night and I was having alot of problems walking my body just wasnt doing what I wanted it to and I couldnt work out why. My husband being the ever pressent pain in the butt had been waatching me all day like a hawk ready to pounce on me, he rang a friend of ours "mother Jackie" who is a retired nurse and we ring her all the time for medical advice, little stuff like "whats this weird rash on ...kid?" that sort of thing. Anyway Jackie rang (no Allen rang) and she wanted to talk to me ( no bully me) into going to the hospital. I tried my best to fight her off by saying "I'll be fine, I'll see my G.P in the morning ..." nope she wasnt taking any of that! So as I said I got bullied into going so I went begrudgingly to the hospital where they poked me and proded me they took a Cat scan and then and X-Ray then drew more blood then they tried the "stroke test" I thought I did an awesome job, allthough after the 8th time of answering "who is the current prime minister" I was ready to say daffy duck just to muck with them. I was tired and getting cranky, the seniour doctor didnt like the look of me and wanted to admitt me, there was no way in hell I was staying so after signing the relevent "get me out of here now" forms I went home with a promise to go to my G.P the next day.
I went to see my G.P the next day and my walking was still a bit "off balance" I kept leaning to the left and my speech was starting to slur, so after a 5 minute chat my G.P sent me back to the dreaded hospital.... After some debating and some more tests and a fantastic nurse who decided that a canular was a great thing to put in my arm when she was annoyed with someone else :( I was admitted to the stroke unit. By the next day my speech was terrible it was all stuttering and no words, my mind was working fine but my body was going nuts! I wa given a pen and paper by one of those very smart nurses :) I was able to communicate again allthough a bit slower. I stayed for a week seeing the senior doctor for stroke patients, and another neurologist from Hobart. After some debate between the 2 they decided that it wasn't a stroke (yay!) What they kept refering to was something I hadn't heard of before it was an "Arnold Chiari"
The doctors were saying that this may be the cause of my "incident" after another visit to the GP for more medication, I wrote this thing down and came home and did some reading about it.
I won't go into details because I'd just be repeating what the website says, but if your curious then the site is Its a great site and you can see some of the wacky syptoms that Ive been having and check out what the surgery looks like after. Yeah it freaked me out! Thats a massive scar.
So Ive been waiting for an appointment with a neurologist in Melbourne and a neursurgeon also from Melbourne. I got a letter confirming my neurologist appointment is on the 21st of Feb, so thats only next week. Im hoping that after he sees me and I tell him who my surgeon is he'll give him a ring and I can see him sooner. Wish me luck!

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