Friday, February 3, 2012

Things on my mind....

Ok so in the past 7 days Ive had Hezekiah turn 2 and have spent 4 days in the hospital, and a friends husband passed away. The one thing that has occupied most of my time has been my frineds husband sudden passing. You know when you met certain people its like you can feel their strength, feel their love for others? Thats what I get from Lisa King. We are not "best friends" but know each other and I know her parents well. I always was in awe of her and her family as they struggled at times with their son Noah who was born with hydrcephaly ( I hope I spelt that right) I remember her and her husband Aaron's testmony at church after they found out what was wrong with Noah and how even though they were upset and were grieving for what might have been for him they were both so strong and knew that it was going to be ok because they had each other. Noah passed away on the 8th of October last year 2011 and I was amazed to hear her talk about her little "cheeky monkey", Aaron spoke as well as 2 of their boys aged 12 and 7. Through my tears I kept thinking how amazing they were what an amazing family what courage, what spiritual strength they all have. I can't even begin to think what its like to loose a child, Ive had 7 ( yes 7) misscarriages and I grieved for each one its not the same as seeing holding, hearing, touching, loving, that child then loosing him/her.
The King family went to St Helens to spend some family time together, their first summer without Noah, their first Christmas without him. They were just starting to rebuild some new kind of "normal" with one person missing from their mix. Then at 9.50pm on Australia day Aaron had a massive heart attack, his brother in laws worked on him till the ambulance got there while Lisa and the boys watched on willing him to get up, to breath, to stay... It wasnt to be. My heart was so full of sorrow for them when I was told the next day, I sat and cried, in shock, that can't be? Not now? Thats not fair!
The funeral was on Tuesday, the church and every available seat and standing room was packed. well over 700 people attended. Lisa has an unbelievable strength, her love for our Father in Heaven and his plan for us all. I am again in awe of her, I can't begin to understand what she is feeling or what her boys are going through (the youngest is just 3) but if you read her story from her blog maybe you will feel the need to help like so many others have.
If you want to donate their is this set up for her and the boys. just type in Lisa king into the search it will come up then.

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