Monday, November 26, 2007

baby baby

Well I've only got 21 "official" days of being pregnant left. I am really tired of it now the baby is so low down I'm starting to waddle like a giant duck. I've "dropped" and have been having some contractions but nothing more than a few twinges. grrrrrrrr. We also have decided that changing her name is a good idea, Ella was we thought the perfect name. Although after finding that it was one of the top 10 baby girls names for 2007 we didnt like it as much :o( What was funny was that on Sunday I saw a friend Belinda Terry shes due 3 days after me and is alos having a girl. We started talking and eventually got to asking about names and they have also picked Ella as their new daughters name! It was so funny we just laughed being due the same time and same names etc. I did mention to her what our new name was for our baby (no I'm not saying). She liked that name too. We are keeping it a secret till her birth then everyone can groan at us.

Allen had the day off work today and spent an hour talking to his big sister Jody on the phone. I really enjoyed spending time with her and her family while we were in Utah they made me feel part of the family which was nice and the first time I've felt accepted for just being me. Its been hard with Allens parents his mum Sally REALLY doesnt likke me and although Billy and I had some spats while he was here last he seems to be over it and has been making an effort to patch things up with Allen and I. I'm affrais there is no hope of that with Sally shes deturmined to hold a grudge against me foreven I think. Ohh well her loss I say. Shes missing out on so much with Gabriel and with the new baby coming I was hoping that she would see whats shes going to be missing and just put the past behind her.... I was wrong :o(
Jody and I talked about it a bit while I was staying with her and she said that Sally wont appoligise for what she said and did and that I just need to let it go at that. I understand that it just makes things so hard for Allen and I but hey its cut down on the amount of calls to the states!

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