Sunday, June 1, 2008

winter is here

Well is official winter is finally here. Ive been thinking about all the cold and rain that due in the nnext few months and what am I going to do?? Well lets join facebook?? yep Ive now got a facebook page and I allready have a few friends :o)
We spent all day yesterday and I mean all day 7 hours moving mulch around the garden. Allen had been paying for it today with lots of "oww I hurt" Everyone did a great job with all the kids helping including Gabriel who had his own bucket and helped put the mulch on the garden but by 4pm he was just suer ratty and decided to just throw bark at us :o) I'll take some pictures of the garden tomorrow when I have a minute.
School holidays are now in force with the kids off for the next 2 weeks this week is busy with appointemts for physio and primary activity and Xaviours birthday on Tuesday then his sleep over party on Thursday then we all go to Melbourne for a week on Saturday (all except Allen who has to stay home and go to work) Jasmine and I are taking the little kids and going down to the holiday house on Phillip Island I love it down there. I'll take some pics while we're down there.

Busy week ahead

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