Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time away

Why is it there always seems to be 10 times more work to do when you get home froma holiday then there would have been if you had just stayed home?
I really enjoyed spending some time away visiting my dad and mum but phew! Whata relief to get home with all the stuff I had to carry araound for Niamh and Gabriel. Prams slings nappies bottles baby food wipes change mat a change of clothes x2 bibs and blankets toys and stories. Man! Im tired just thinking about it and that was just to see the pelicans! I missed my bed my p.js and my couch. lol
I took a heap of photos and I promise I'll put them up by Friday :o)

The sad news I got today was that my niece Calista has just had a relapse and her cancer is back :o( We're thinking of you Cali chin up :o)

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Anonymous said...

Cali is in for her fourth treatment. She is doing okay everything considered.
Having a laptop is a wonderful boredom buster.
I love your site. Everyone is getting so big and looking good. The beach looks like it was fun. Pelicans wow! How cool is that!
Congrats to Xaviour.
The concert thing sounded fun. Good job on getting Allen and Xaviour to sing!
Tell everyone hi and I love them Jody