Wednesday, June 4, 2008

boots and bars

We had a busy day today with appointmets in town and a dinner with friends tonight. I had an appointment with Niamh's physio today we talked about how her left foot was looking and how the physio exersises didnt seem to be working any more. We looked at some different things but with Rebecca the senior physi looking after Niamh she is suggesting boots and bars for her feet. It means that she will have to wear them every time she sleeps probably for at least a year

:o( Im not happy about it and ALlen and I have been talking about it tonight and have pretty much decided if thats whats best then its what we will do. Its about whats best for her and making sure she gets the best start in life. The picture is of a pair of boots like shes'll be wearing soon :o(

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Simone Triffitt said...

Those ones in the photo look like ice skating boots. Niamh is such a cutie. I'm sure she will handle any challenge with grit and determination - just like her Mum.