Monday, July 7, 2008

sleep soundly

Last Thursday I had a visit from my nurse Jilly from Walker House she comes by once a wek to check on Niamhs feeding and weight, last week we talked about her lack of sleeping in her cot. I got into a really bad habit when she was feeding every 2 hours of just bringing her to bed with us and feeding her and letting her stay in bed with me. It suited me at the time but is now a bad habit which needed to be broken. Niamh will have her boots fitted by the end of the month and she needed to be retrained to sleepin her on bed on her back again. This was not going to be pleasent..... So I stayed up all of Thursday night with her settling and re- settling her every 10 minutes till she slept then doing it all over again. It was torture :o( I hate to hear her crying it upsets me and my milk lets down then I have to feed her and the circle begins again, but I resisted and we are now getting a full nights sleep with everyone waking up much happier :o) I didnt want to say anything till she had been consistantly sleeping for a few days but she has been doing well with us getting an average of 10 hours continued sleep a night for almost a week :o) Go Me! She still needs her day nap which is shorter but she take 2 instead of 1 but thats ok with me . Thanks Jilly You Rock!

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Simone Triffitt said...

Wow you must now think you are in heaven. A full night's sleep. Good on ya!