Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekly messes

Its been one of those weeks it started with Monday when I had planned and kept calm all day ready for Niamh to have her boots and bars fitted. We got to the hospital and found out that they didnt have the bars for her boots so we drove all the way in to town for NOTHING! I could not understand why they just didnt call first???? Tuesdays are always busy with young womens and mens. Then the week blured till Friday when Jasmine went to her chior camp soccer Saturday and church today ................................
I got really annoyed with my scales I thought I was doing really well with my new diet and I jumped on to see what the numbers say... hummmm Not HAPPY! I better start seeing the numbers going down soon. Then Allen decided that my recipie for rice crispy treats was not good enough so went and got his own well that totally ticked me off! As far as Im concearned he can shove those rice bubbles up his *beep* one bubble at a time.GRRRRRRRR! As if that wasnt bad enough then he goes and blames my bad mood on my "cycle" well considering I havent been having a regular cycle he can shove that too!!!! ROAR!!!!

CALM muusic............. ok now Im done ranting Im going to go to my nice warm bed and read and if I get interupted by golly there is going to be blood on the floor.

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