Thursday, July 17, 2008

curry in a hurry

Yesterday was a baddddd day! Niamh's teeth are cutting and she was super grumpy! I spent most of the day with crying kiddos :o( Jasmine had a dance performance last night and we had to drive her and another girl from the performance into Deloraine. We feed her and I decided that Id make my Korma curry I was ready to put the paste into the pan and went into the fridge only to find that I had used the last of it! AHHHHHH! Panic! Nope I just used the green curry paste in the pantry I used 2 tablespoons thinking it would be fine :o) We sat down and everyone was really hungry we all took a bite and started breathing FIRE! Poor Gabriel hes only 2 and his little mouth was on fire, we tried to get him to drink some milk but he just kept crying and licking his hand. Needless to say we threw the whole lot in the chook bucket Im sure their insides were nice and warm today in the rain hehehehhe

On a litter note I got some more pictures of my friend Lisa and her fiance` Shane they look so cute :o) The wedding is now set for November so that gives me more time to loose some baby weight hehehe

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