Monday, July 28, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Yep thats right only 5 more days till the new book is released! Im ringing the book store in the morning so I can pick my copy up after soccer :o) Ive also got another book called "the Host" which sounds interesting that Im sure they havent got but Im going to ask for anyway :o) Im going to be reading alot over the next few days. Poor Jasmine is going to have to wait for my copy.

The movie of "twilight" is due for release in the states on Dec 12th so Im sure we will get it soon after. I hope not too long after as Niamh has her birthday that month :o)

I rang the hospital today and asked if the "bars" for her boots where in yet and was told that "no" they were not in. I then called my physio and complained she told me that she is going to find out whats going on for me. Its frustrating for me I worked myself up last week for it and then got told they were not ready and still a week on they still are not ready! Mind you it has given Niamh the added time to put her legs up and do her jiggy Im going to crawl soon dance :o) Its soooooo cute! Im going to film it on the camera and put it on here (if I can work that out) so you can watch it too.

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Jason said...

Jeez, from these photo's have you been doing your nursing home volunteer work again? It's sure nice of you to let the geriatrics there have a cuddle of baby Niamh - I'm sue it brings a welcomed smile to their face and a change to playing gin rummy and bocce all day :)