Friday, August 29, 2008

tolit paper kid

I think we have turned a corner with Gabriel he's finally interested in going to the tolit! Alhough he hasn't actually "gone" to the tolit yet he just likes to sit on it and wipe himself and then flush the tolit. Its been fun watching him climb on and off the seat without falling in :o) He has developed a horid habit of putting whole roles of tolit paper in the bowl for me to find! Grrrrrr! Ive lost a total of 6 roles so far,he did get a smack on his hand this morning so I may have finally got him out of that habit.
Allen is busy looking for a new job again and has an interview on Wednesday next week so cross fingers :o)
Ohh and an update on Allens birthday apparently a "family" member did actually call but because this person refuses to call the home phone number he didnt get the call.
Xaviour has his last game of socccer to morrow morning at 8:30 am brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I just know its going to be cold Last Game!!!! Im going to get a photo of the team tomorrow they are hopefully all going to show up :o)

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