Monday, August 10, 2009

blogging update

Yes I have been told how slack Ive been ( thanks Jason). I have been both a combination of busy and sick.
I went to visit my mum and grandmother (who is 91) in May/ June I havent seen them in about 12 months maybe longer so the guilt was really starting to set in. I spent 10 days with mum and even had a day with dad where we spent the day at Healsville sancturary. The trip was marred by 2 visits to my sisters house which I cant stand going to. My sister is filthy dirty and her home fits her well. I know what its like to have kids at home and how long it takes to clean my house ( which is twice the size of hers!) and when I was working and still keeping my home clean, I see no excuse for why my sisters house should look like a pigs pen. She is also very negative and I find it hard to talk to her when she twists everything into something negative so I generally dont say anything. I was glad to get home and sleep in my own bed without having my wiggly son sharing with me.
It wasnt long after I got home that I was wondering where my monthly visitor had gone to? So off to the chemist to but a pregnancy test I went. I waited a while not really wanting to know and took the test it was positive... All the memories of past pregnancys started to invade my thoughts. Ive never had a "normal" pregnancy Ive always had complications of one or the other. I told ALlen when he got home from work and he was thrilled I was apprehensive I man hes done the hard part of getting my pregnant now all he has to do is sit and wait. I on the other hand started having morning sickness (why they call it that is a mystery to me as I have it all day and night). I started loosing weight and couldnt stand the smell or sight of food. My migranes which I normally take daily medication for begain to get worse as I can't take my medication while Im pregnant. I ended up in the hospital where they treated me and sent me home, this was to become my weekly trip. So to and from the hospital we went for 2 weeks. Then, just when I thought the danger period had passed my uterus prolapsed, it in turn cuts of my urethra and I cant void. Its very painfull and needs immediate attention. I went in and gave them all the details (its happened the last 2 pregnancys so I knew what was going on and knew what needed to be done). The nurse was sypathetic but the doctor was hopeless. They put a catheter in to drain my bladder then sent me home. I was still unable to void on my own and knowing that the more I drank the more my bladder would fill and thus be in more pain so I stopped drinking any water. I became dehydrated and still in pain so back to the hospital we go. This time Allen is about to do his block as he doesnt like seeing me in pain ( hey Im not thrilled with it either!) This time Im not only in pain from the prolapse but Im having contractions and Im getting upset. They give me a room finally and some pain relief and into la la land I slip for a few hours. When I come rould I find I have a drip and they are pumping me full of fluid because Im dehydrated. After several hours they decide they want a urine specimine from me so in I go only to find that I still cant void. I panic as I know I now have 2 litres of fluid thats going to want to come out and cant. They send me home and the next day Im back to have a catheter fitted again, Im still sore and Im upset at all the coming and going I asked to be admitted but the doctor says no and tells me to come back the next morning in the out patient ward for obstetrics. I go in with Allen and they put another 3 liters of fluid into my arm with the catheter still in Im not as worried but I dont want ot go home again without being well. The doctor admitts me and they put me up in the labour ward where I share a room with a woman in labour all night, yep lights on monitor on and off all night not much rest for me at all. The following day after breakfast the doctor comes by asks how Im feeling I say a bit better and she says "good you can go home". I asked her "what about the canula and the catheter I have? What about my prolapsed uterus? " She says "You have a Catheter? You have a prolapsed uterus?" I replied "yes a urine catheter". She says "ohh" and leaves the room. I ask the nurse later in the day whats going on? She says as far as she knows Im leaving I informed her that I had not even got an examination and that the doctor didn't seem very informed. She goes to cheek whats going on. At 4.30 the doppy doctor comes back by this time I have very little confidence in her ability to do anything positive for me. She tells me I have to leave that they need the bed and Im just not sick enough to stay another night. I loose my cool and told her she didnt examine me didnt even know what was wrong with me when she came by that morning and that I didnt want to go home with the catheter again. She argued with me lied to my face about knowing about my condition and told me I still had to leave. By this time I was getting loud and very upset and was crying the doctor then tried to console me and offered to then do the examination I told her "dont you touch me!" I asked for another docotr to examine me and was told he would when he could get to me as he wsa in the birthing suite. I was happy to wait, at 7:30pm I asked the nurse again to check what was going on and she came back to me saying he was too busy and I could stay till morning when he would get to me.
Allen was getting irrate at home about the situation, he made a complaint that night to the hospital about my treatment and that of the offending doctor. The next morning the complaints person called Allen back and asked him some question s about what had gone on. They agreed that he had a valid complaint and that calls were being made to "fix things". Again after breakfast I dissapeared from my room to sit in the breakfast room where there is some space and I could be comfortable on a couch. The doctor came by and she was nice and informative she asked me what I wanted and what I thought would be the best plan for me. I told her what I neededand what I wanted and she agreed that that sounded like a good plan so we did that. She did a thorugh examination checking where my uterus was sitting and talking about the removal of the catheter and canula. I did a trial void and could manage allthough it was numb. By 6pm I was home, sore but home. Im still a bit sore and tired but Im on some great medication for my nausea, its expensive so we have to get it from the hospital and they pay the bill. I still have a long way to go in this pregnancy but Im hoping that the worst is over and that the next time Im in the labour ward its with a healthy baby in the crib.


Sim-Dim said...

Phew what a marathon couple of mths. Hope the next few mths are boringly peaceful.

Jason said...

Oh my :( BIG hug. IT can only be uphill from here.