Sunday, August 16, 2009

Calista Renee

I know I didnt mention it in my past post and I guess I didnt because it really does need its own space. Allens niece Calista lost her battle with cancer 3 weeks ago she was 20 years old. She was an amazing young woman who lived life to the fullest. I was lucky enough not only to comunicate with her on the phone and net but we met when we were over there 2 years ago. Her husband Ben was very sweet and looked afetr her right up to the very end.

Jody and John her parents (my sister in law) are both so strong and were positive about her condition through all its ups and downs for thepast 2 years. She was first diagnosed when she was only 18 with a rare cancer on her left shoulder joint they took it out replaced it with a titanium one gave her some chemo and she was sent into remission :o) Everyone was very happy and she married Ben that year with a head scalf on covering her bald head she looked beautiful. It came back again this time with spots on her lungs and back to chemo she went it was tough on the whole family but everyone was really supportive. She went back into remission and everyone was happy and Cali and Ben talked about starting a family. Then it came back this time leukemia blood cancer, she went back into hospital and went looking for a doner match. Luckily for Cali she has 4 brothers all with a 25% chance of being a match! Both Frank and Andrew were a match WOOHOO!! Everyone was on a super high but something was wrong Cali was getting worse and her doctors told Jody she was to sick for the transplant and was sent home. She was home less than 2 weeks and passed away peacefully and without pain.

Allen and I ( me especially) am gratefull for having known her and were sad that we could not have attended the funeral in Utah. Ive decided that if we are having a girl that I'll honor Cali by naming the baby after her as her middle name. We will miss you "bossy boots".

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Sim-Dim said...

What a beautiful person and the pics are beautiful too. What an awesome way to remember and honour her. I hope now you really have a girl.