Thursday, August 27, 2009

sock monster

I never have worked out how this happens but every couple of months our sock population seems to get halved literally! I have at the moment 15 odd socks, most of which are Niamh's. She has to wear socks pretty much all day, with her boots at night we go through 2 pairs a day but I'll be buggered if I know where these socks have gone to? I checked all the cupboards and draws and went through all her clothes and no luck...??? On the other end I have Gabriel who I swear eats his socks he had at last count 8 pairs of new socks, yesterday after compleating all the washing he had 2 and a half pairs? grrrrr!!! Kids socks are so expensive! I'm waiting patiently for summer and then socks wont be such a big issue.

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Sim-Dim said...

Ha ha that must be so annoying. I have an obsession with socks going missing and have never had odd socks... very weird obsession i know!