Tuesday, August 25, 2009

nasty weather

I know we need the rain but this is just rediculous! Our front driveway looks like a swimming pool again and the chickens had a wadding pool in their pen. I made a very stupid decision to hang some washing out before it raianed againand yes it ended up all over the yard and now I have to wash most of it again AHHH! The kids are going nuts being inside all the time they cant go out as the rain just hasnt stopped for days now. The loungroom which was cleaned up is now a sea of toys again. Im glad tomorrow is Thursday and they can go to kindy gym :o) Its also really cold again so the heater is running all day grrrr..... I have plants out the front that have been waiting to be planted for 2 weeks now.... Im seriously considering flying to Brissy just for a chnage in weather. Cheak out the pictures of the gorge in Launceston (thanks Helen) its so flooded and getting higher. We have had flood alerts for ages now Im glad we are not on a slab!

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