Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School holidays

Its that time of the year again, school holidays where I get to listen to the older kids tell me how bored they are and that they have nothing to do! Jasmine spent most of the first week at work which is good because she owes me money for her shoes being fixed (42$) and a spending spree at Kmart where she had to get me to pay for because she didnt have enough in her bank account....
Xaviour has spent the past few days asking to use the playstation or the computer, I told him to GO OUTSIDE! Its working he went for a ride and even kicked the ball around for a while yay :o)
I had my Big Ultrasound last Friday when we found out that everything is fine the baby has all the right amount of fingers and toes, and is looking good and yes we are having a BOY! Which is a great thing and a hastle as I gave all my boy stuff away after having Gabriel... Ohh well back to EBay I go.
The little kids and I have been enjoying the sunshine by doing some gardening, and lots of playing outside in the sandpit and on the trampoline.
Everything else is pretty much the same, just kicking back enjoying the warmer weather. I love Spring time

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