Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sunshine,plants and more work to do....

It was such a nice day yesterday that ALlen and I got out and did some work outside in the sun. We have been lucky enough to scrounge some second hand bricks from Grant next door who is taking down a wall in the shed. Allen was busy laying those in the drive way so that the car is on solid ground when the moat appears. We plan on getting some more gravel for the driveway when Allen has finished. I got the steps and railing and door painted and finished so I was happy with that. I also got some more painting done on the container as well.
I also bought a few more plants from my favorite store Bunnings I got 3 olive trees, a new orange tree as my other one is looking ill, and a kiwi fruit plant. Im deturmined to plant food that the kids like to eat and that will produce large amounts so I can either sell the remaining or store them. My raspberries have gone crazy and are flowering allready so Im hoping that we get a bumper crop this year last year was their first season and we got a few punnets. The blueberries are looking good too with the bushes looking really healthy so Im hoping that they produce more this year too :o) The plum tree has gone crazy and Im hoping for a few fruit this year but it is its first season so Im not going to let it produce too many. The hazlenut tree is doing well and Im hoping for it to do well this spring and do some serious growing. The passionfruit vine is doing well and climbing up the lattice really well. I'm looking forward to seeing it flower for the first time this year :o)
We still have more to do.... Allen is going to put up a roof over the sandpit and we are going to a paving auction this Saturday to see if we can get some pavers and some retaining wall blocks for the turn circle. I still have heaps of plants to buy to fill out the garden Im trying hard to propergate some myself I've got one rose to grow which is amazing since Gabriel tipped most of the dirt out of the pot! I'm also lucky that I have a friends around who have great gardens who are happy tp dig stuff up when there is too many of something and Im happy to take freebies.
I had planned on painting some more outside today but the rain is coming today so it will have to wait.... Still heaps of work to do

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