Thursday, September 24, 2009

sometimes I just want to be ALONE!

I had a super busy day yesterday and I thought getting up early would put me in the right frame of mond and get me going... Wrong! I did get going but I was late for everything all day??? I did my visiting teaching with Peggy then went to a late lunch with Maranda which I really enjoyed, before coming home to find the house trashed so I spent an hour cleaning up all the kids mess and ALlens mess still sitting on the bench from lunch time grrrrr!!!!!!!!! I hate cleaning up after someone who is more than capable of doing it themselves.
Today was meant to be my dentsit appointment I was geared up to go when one wrong comment from me sparked Allen off and we had a fight, we're still not talking to each other and I just wish he'd go away for a few hours. The rain is back again (which is adding to my crappy mood) its been pooring all day so the moat is back in the driveway.
I'd love a day of just sitting at home reading and napping on my own... Yeah right!

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