Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You chicken feves!

I was thinking that yesterday was pretty boring just a bit of dad day shopping and to Bunnings for some straw for the chickens. Little did I know that there was a storm brewing.....

Our neighbours Hannah and Russel have left their house for a year and have gone on holidays till December and are then moving to Burnie in the new year for 12 months. Their house is being rented by some friends of theirs who are getting married at the end of the month so they will move in then. Since they were leaving Hannah asked us if we would like to have any of her chickens I said yes please and that 3 would be great! So Hannah thrw 3 of the chickens over the fence a few days ago just before they caught the boat to Melbourne. The chickens being crafty flew back over the fence So Tuesday night I walked next door after the sun went down to retrieve the said chickens. I cut their fethers so they couldnt fly back, or so I thought.... 2 of them made a break for it so yesterday when I noticed I just thought ohh I'll just get them afet dark again. The problem with that was the neighbours accross the road from Hannah saw Allen and I and accussed us of Stealing the chickens! The woman who was doing the yelling has a screw loose and was yelling at ALlen F*** this and that for a while. I finally got him to come inside but she continued making threats and called the police.

Enter the police.... We saw them driving our way and started laughing being so close to the station (next door) means we know most of the officers by first name. I showed thema note that Hannah had left for me asking me if I wanted any chickens and they left. Honestly it was so funny!!! Allen stirring up the local nut job didnt help but he had his fun she was screaming F*** Mormans at him and he was asking her to come over for tea. I half expected dead chickens this morning but they are all there and in the pen. Justice prevailed :o) I love this town hehehehe

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