Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting used to being pregnant again

Being pregnant is hard to describe when you havent been there before but its kinda like someone has taken over your body and mind. Ive been nesting like mad lately which is driving Allen and the kids nuts. They go to school etc and the furniture is in one place and when they get home everything is different! I cleran every day vacume, washing etc. This nesting thing is getting out of hand with me moving the furniture and of course it goes back in a different place when it goes back :o) Im also tackling the garden outside (nowhere is safe) Ive been pulling weeds and trying to get the vegie patch ready for planting this weekend. I still have a heap of stuff to do and I need to get a few things for this new baby before he gets here. The baby will be sharing a room with Gabriel (that should be fun) and so Im ordering him a new bed with draws under it. It gives me more space to play with when bub arrives as Gabriels bed will be painted (by me) and then put in Niamhs room for her and then the cot and changetable go into Gabriels room plus his new bed and draws :o) The only downside is that this baby seems to be in a hurry to get here! It could have been all the work Ive been doing but I was having contractions for over 30 mins this afternoon.... Not a good sign. I called ALlen but he wasnt near his phone grrrr. I waited till 5pm to call the hospital but the pains had subsided by then so all is good :o) I do have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I'll remember to let her know whats been going on. I'll also get all my test results back so cross fingers that all is well :o)
Well I better get to bed I need some more sleep, shopping tomorrow and a trip to Bunnings! zzzzzz

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