Friday, November 23, 2007

Anniversary Dissapointment

Well its our wedding anniversary today not that you would pick it. It just seems like another ordinary day :o( I did get a card this year unlike past years but no pressie and no dinner date which is what we usually do :o( I think I was more dissapointed because while we were away he hinted that he had bought something for me for our anniversary. Wrong.... I got him something which he was really keen to open, but I didnt get anything. I spent up big last year over 500$ buying him a really nice telescope all I got last year was a jewellery box which I dont particularly like. It looks cheap and nasty and isnt much good and holding all the stuff I have anyway. Ohh well I guess I can hope for next year. I havent done very well in the pressent recieving this year I mean he forgot my birthday!!!! Completely forgot! Valentines day was a fizzer and now this. :o( I know I shouldnt be so materalistic and want for these things but its always nice to recieve something when you yourself have gone to the trouble to do it for them. Its just nice to reciprocate.

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