Friday, November 9, 2007

goodbye to the vomit comet

Finally after almost a solid week Gabriel has gotten over his tummy bug. We dosed him up with anti emetics that kept him asleep and gave his body a chance to rest phew!!!
Everything seems to be getting back to normal bills to pay and Jasmine back at chior and concerts allready (one tonight). I also got some great news that I can finally share that my friend Rebecca.G is engaged and her party is next week and the wedding is 2 weeks later! Wow! It seems that immigration are giving them a haard time ( I know all about that!) So we are off to their place next Thursday night to celebrate ;)
Its the Huge Westbury show day tomorrow and to avoid all the noise and unexpected visitors wanting to drop in, Jasmine and I are going into town to look for a cot for the baby. I spent a few hours today cleaning out the cupboard and sorting all the clothes into sizes again. Ive got all the things for the baby ready to take to the hospital I just need to get my stuff done and Im ready to go. I keep getting this feelig to be ready I think Im going to go early. Well I can hope.

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