Friday, January 11, 2008

A busy week!

Its been a busy week! We had lunch last Saturday afternoon at our friends Liam and Yvettes. They bought a new house in Longford just before Christmas and it was our first trip to see them at their new abode. We had a great afternoon walking around their big garden and eating their very yummy apricots! We had a bbq for lunch and it was so hot! We stripped Niamh off to just her nappy but she was still too hot, so we headed home to our air conditioner :o)
Sunday evening we had tea with our friends the Websters and Corona families. Luckily for Jasmine nothing had been planned for my birthday ( I had warned her!) Jacki told me that she had no clue until she had read it in the ward newsletter that day (which I wasnt there due to my lack of sleep). We had a yummy tea which I didnt have to cook so that was nice :o) plus the great company.
Monday I picked Xaviour up from the airport Gabriel was so happy to see him he ran to him with his arms open it was sooooooooooo cute! He really was happy to see his big brother! The downside was that my car which had been playing up for a few days ended up going in to be fixed. Poor little car just couldnt get going I had no clue what was wrong all I knew was that I wasnt going to be driving for a while. I finally got it bakc on Friday and 700$ later grrrr!!!!! None of what was wrong was covered under the warranty typical!
The rest of the week was spent trying to catch up on cleaning cooking and sleep! Jasmine came home from Young Womens camp on Wednesday afternoon and pretty much went right to bed :o)
Allen had his first full week at his new job and he was more than a little tired he slept right through my bad night wehn I got 90 mins sleep all night I was crying by 4am just so tired :o(
I finally gave Niamh a dummy to give my boobs a rest shes a real comfort sucker which is fine if you have nothing else to do all day and night but it hurts after a while and its tiring! so she has two very pretty pink sparkly dummies. I have some great pics of her which I'll ut up during the week when I get my camera back! Also have some funny pics of Gabriel nude on the trampoline hehehe.
I'll also take some pics of my plants that I bought today. We went to the nursary at Dilston and got some plants for the garden finally! I still have to get alot more but its a start :o)

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