Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tummy time = Sleepy time

We've been having fun with tummy ime here at home with it either ending in tears or recently just sleep. Gabriel thinks its funny and trys to wake her by rubbing her face. Gabriel has been good this week with no escape bunnies all week although he did try :o)

We had a great lunch with the "girls" on Friday at the raspberry farm. I had a yummy chicken salad and fantastic chocolate cake! I told Jasmine that I want the reciepe for the sauce they had on my chicken it was sooo nice! I finally got back at about 5 and then dashed into Deloraine to get a leg of lamb for tea as I had 3 extra guests. Dinner was nice and Craig and Ashley his daughter enjoyed not having to rush home and cook tea.

Jasmine went well yesterday with 2 concerts 1 at the town hall with the citizenship ceremony and another for teh Meander City Council where some friends were taking photos . Next year Allen will be taking his test and becoming an Aussie :o) So it'll be a party at our place next Australia Day.

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