Friday, January 4, 2008

New baby

Well its been 2 weeks and 1 day since the birth of our beautiful baby girl Niamh. Shes absolutly gorgeous feeding well and sleeping well :o) Cant ask for more really. I have loads of pictures allready and cant stop looking at her. After such a wonderful labour and birth with her I could easily have another but no!!!!!!! 7 between us is more than enough children and with only 5 bedrooms it would mean extending the house and Im not prepared to do that!

Allen started his new job yesterday and loves it he was so tired when he got home that he feel asleep on the couch holding Niamh I had to take her and put her in her cot before he dropped her! Jasmine is doing well at her first job :o) Im so proud of her getting this job with no help from us she did it all on her own. Shes enjoying having her own money and next week we are stting up her own bank account for her.

Xaviour comes home on Monday yay! Its been hard having him away after the birth of the baby Im so protective of my kids especailly after a birth its like the mother lion comes out of hiding to look after the cubs.

I have a lunch date tomorrow with friends a BBQ at their house and a tea date with more friends on Sunday night which is my birthday. Jasmine wanted to invite some friends over for me for my birthday and I said no! I hate surprises and I warned Jasmine that if shes been up to anything she'll be in deap trouble!

Anyway hes a picture of Niamh taken Christmas day she looked so cute :o)

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Simone Triffitt said...

ooh what a cutie - and even cuter in real life.