Sunday, January 20, 2008

hmm lets try again shall we!

Well it's Sunday and Im updated again as Jasmine decided that she would close my page before I uploaded everything grrrr! I gave my first Sunday lesson in the new manual it was a hard lesson and I got some good feedback at the end which was nice :o) Sometimes I wonder if this wa such a good calling for me?? I've got some great pictures of Niamh in her cast and Gabriel attacking a chocolate teddy bear biscuit.

Ive also got some funny pics of Gabriel on the trampoline in the nude hehe!


The Coward Family said...

oh Catherine...she is just gorgeous! I hope the cast works - -I'm SURE it will! How long does she has to have it on for? Sorry about your crappy week...hope you are getting some sleep!
Love Toni xxx

Jackie & Mark said...

Hi Kathryn
Hope you have a better week this week..
Can you give me your blog address so I can put you in my friends column..(thats only if you want to:)
Thanks..Jackson comes home on Sat. I think he might call xasiour to come over some time..take care