Thursday, August 7, 2008

long time no blog

Its been a few days since Ive had any time to blog. We've been busy with stuff for kids as well as cameras going missing bikes appearing. Yes I finally let Allen pick his motorbike up early hes been finding excuses to pick it up and Ive been ignoring them finally I gave in yesterday hes a happy boy with his new toy. Its an expensive and one I was wanting him to wait a bit longer for. The main reason for getting the bike was to cut down on petrol costs, but I wanted Allen to sell his car first I didnt want to add before subtracting because to me that made no sense. Plus Allen once hes got the bike has no motivation to sell the car in a hurry. I finally got the sabb which was sitting in the driveway for a year sold and it went last week yippee! I wa glad to see that go and now its just a matter of getting rid of the Ford.

Niamh has been having fun with her new boots she still crawls with them on and sits nicely with them and can even stand on her toes in them :o) The only issue at the moment is sleeping shes not fond of sleeping in them and as she is going to be wearing them for the next few years she has to get used to them fast! Last night wa horid with no sleep at all :o( She had a tummy ache as well as teeth coming through which didnt help and thus I had no slepp at all. Allen managed to get a few hours when I took her out of her cot and sat with her for a few hours trying to keep her calm. She has had a good morning with the tummy ache gone and shes had a nice sleep this morning and has woken up bright eyed and bushey tailed. Shes been playing with her new toy ( one that she shouldnt even have yet) Allen and I put some toys away for Christmas for the little kids last week which I was very proud of and then we went into KMart and found another one for Niamh which was 40$ off so I bought it home and put it in my closet to hide it from Gabriel who thought it wa for him. Needless to say that the little bugger found it and asked for it yesterday when I was in the shower and ALlen took it down and gave to him to play with! Then Gabriel got cranky because he wanted it out of the box, I told Allen that you cant expect him to play with it in the box (meaning put it away!) but he decided instead that taking it out of the box was the best option grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!1 Now I have to find something else for her as hes snaffled it and thinks its his hmmmmm. Anyway I have some new photos including Allen on his new bike and Niamh playing with her new toy. I just hope I can find the lead so I can plug the camera in lol ;o)

Ohh and fro all those who are interested yes I got my book on Monday when it was released I was one of the first 25 people to pick the book up after ordering it. Ialso picked up a copy that my friend Maranda had ordered she wa very happy with me for that :o) The book was 750 pages long I got it read in 3 days I would have got it read in 2 except the kids were not co operating with my plans. It was fantastic all the things I was hoping she would put in the book were there and some more :o) Ive lent the book now to my nieghbour Simone who will have it read just as quickly. Now I have nothing to read again Im bookless! I did get told to read I am Legend I saw the fime and loved it, the book is better so Im told so that may be my next one to read. Ohh and just for something different its raining again! I cant wait till we start having soem spring sunshine!

ohh and for all those who dont think Mormans are hot check out this calender shot!

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