Monday, December 29, 2008

Chrissy photos

Xaviour again with his award and his grade 6 Graduation papers. We got his school report which showed him as above average in all areas of work. Very proud mum and dad.

Xaviour recieving his award prize of a book :o)

Xaviours pressentation evening, Xaviour won the Information and Technology award! Well Done :o)

hmmm Jasmine and Niamh

Jasmine,Gabriel,Niamh relaxing

Niamh fell asleep next to dad busy girl

Gabriel helped Niamh try out her new birthday pressie

Big Kev!

All the pressies on Christmas eve. Xaviour was checking them out.

Xaviour was very keen to open all the pressies :o) With 4 kids and Dad and Robyns pressies the tree looked very healthy

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MsKay said...

The photo's you posted are very lovely and the children in it are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.