Friday, December 12, 2008

delusions of .....

What do you do on a day when its wet and I mean really wet its cold and there are predicted winds of up to 150km an hour? You have a garage sale thats what! Yes we decided to decluter again I have a theory "if you have not used it or worn it in the past 12 months then you probably wont so get rid of it!" So the whole family got in on the act of cleaning out some stuff. Xaviour was great putting the Xbox out with all its bits and pieces, games. Jasmine who is a bit of a pack rat found a few little things, I got rid of some cupboards that were not being used the old kitchen table and chairs as well as some baby stuff. Yes its time to "de-baby" the house, we decided that we have enough children and are NOT having anymore! Phew! So out went the port-a-cot, baby swing and a few other pieces. I had it advertised in the local paper so even though it was pouring rain we still went ahead with it. We made some money and I got rid of all the big stuff, Allen even got rid of some things :o) I did have it adversied till 2pm but at 11.30 Id had enough I was wet and cold and wanted to go inside where it was warm and dry, so thats what we did.
Allen mentioned that we'll try again next weekend bu I said thats Niamh's birthday so thats been put off till the new year :o)
Now all we are doing is waiting to see if the Carols by Candlelight will be called of this year or not? Jasmine is singing quite a few songs this year, even though this is her last year in the Sing Elon chior I was still looking forward to going. The wind has died down now and its just the rain we are worried about Im not sure what they are forcasting for tomorrow evening last year it "sprinkled" but pretty much dry. I have a feeling that this year is a no go but we have to "wait and see" what the sound guys say...... Ive added some pics from last years carols here in Launceston as well as the big ones in Sydney and Melbourne. We usually get around 15-20 thousand for ours its held in the city park in the middle of town

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