Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas visitors

We've done alot of traveling over the past few years for Christmas day we've been to Melbourne and to Mother Jackies but I had not had my dad at my house for Christmas day. Having made this observation I told dad last year when he was here for Niamhs birth that I wanted him and Robyn for Christmas this year. So on the Sunday before Christmas I picked dad and Robyn up from the airport. The weather was typical, hot one day, cold the next, buring in the sun the day after that! We had fun going into Launceston to get last minute Christmas food supplies and hanging around the house dad was very relaxed (see picture) and Robyn just enjoyed getting a chance to do some reading. Christmas day was fun with lots of paper flying and a few surprises! ALlen and I as we have in past years bought something for the house we decided to do this as we figured we had enough personal days during the year eg birthdays and anniversary to get each other something. Soooo This year we bought "Big Kev" yes we have named our new table hehehe. ALl those who live here will get the joke :o) Dad totally spoiled the kids which was nice they just could not believe their luck!

We ate heaps of food, I did heaps of cleaning up. We all had a great day :o)

I'm looking forward to next year when we have Erik here and we can share a summer Christmas with him.

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