Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Playgroup christmas

It was our last playgroup for the year on Monday and we had a small Christmas party with Mrs Claus. We were asked to bring a small plate of food to share and I made a cake for Niamh as its her birthday in 11 days :o) The kids had a ball eating and playing and running around the kind area :o) Mrs Claus came by and handed out a pressie for each child (these were supplied by the parents) Gabriel was excited to go and get his bag which had a matchbox car and a spade for the sandpit. We left a little bit early and when we got home the little kids went straight to sleep bliss......
Allen had a good day with another interview for a job hes had a few but no actual job yet Im hoping that changes soon :o)
Ive also been contacted by a "friend in the U.S" who has told me that I need to be more mindfull of what I type on my blog because Allens children read it. So I'll be very specific here 1. The only reason we are getting any money this month from the government is because we are considered LOW income right now becasue Allen isn't working. 2. The kids (meaning my kids) are "cleaning up" this yearbecaue they have a very cool grandfather (again my father), who is earning alot of money and knowing our financial situation has decided to buy the kids a heap of pressies this year because we can't. I hope that clears everything up.

Ohh and this late news Jasmines best friend Christian likes to have fun with her phone and he took her baga nd found her "pad bag" and played with her pads including taking one and sticking it on his head ! It was so cute that I had to put it here hahaha
Niamh and her cake

Allen and the little kids

Mrs Claus giving Gabriel his pressie

Niamh eating a bickie

Niamh and her friend Nat, Nat and Jess love her and fight over holding her :o)

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