Thursday, December 4, 2008

more cooking and Chrissy lights

Ive been doing alot of cooking of late. Ive been making Jackies yummy bread sticks mmmm and I made a tray full of fudge with macadamia nuts, then because Jasmine was going to camp I made some mini quiche's I made a total of about 80? I gave Jasmine about 30 of them and the rest I left on the tray cooling overnight this morning I went to morning tea and when I got home wooshhhh they were gone! All of them! He swear's he didnt eat them all but hmmmm he was the only one at home?

Anyway I made some more and I actually got to try one :o) Then I went out and put the lights up, I still have about 4 more sets to put up but its looking good :o) I also have the tree up and my nativity set out.Its begining to look alot like Christmas.....

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