Wednesday, January 30, 2008

plaster maser #2

more photos of Niamh having her plaster changed

plaster master

Every Wednesday for the past 2 weeks and for the next 2 weeks Niamh has had her plaster changed. Today was no different. We arrived on time and went straight into the plaster room where Rebecca the senior physio (from west meed childrens hospital in Sydney) and Lessa are there to change the cast. Niamh is very good and we only had a little cry last week, today we had big crys! The plaster was not setting properly and when it did it was cracking which meant having to re-do it again and again and again! Yes 3 times before there where no cracks, by that stage 2 and 1/2 hours later Niamh had had enough and was getting very vocal about it all. I managed to get some photos of the cast change before she got too upset.

I also have a very cute picture of Gabriel and Niamh asleep at the same time having their morning nap, its so cute to have them share a room and have them asleep at the same time.

The other photos are of our lunch at the raspberry farm for Melanies birthday she had a great time as did all of us. Happy 30th Mel :o)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tummy time = Sleepy time

We've been having fun with tummy ime here at home with it either ending in tears or recently just sleep. Gabriel thinks its funny and trys to wake her by rubbing her face. Gabriel has been good this week with no escape bunnies all week although he did try :o)

We had a great lunch with the "girls" on Friday at the raspberry farm. I had a yummy chicken salad and fantastic chocolate cake! I told Jasmine that I want the reciepe for the sauce they had on my chicken it was sooo nice! I finally got back at about 5 and then dashed into Deloraine to get a leg of lamb for tea as I had 3 extra guests. Dinner was nice and Craig and Ashley his daughter enjoyed not having to rush home and cook tea.

Jasmine went well yesterday with 2 concerts 1 at the town hall with the citizenship ceremony and another for teh Meander City Council where some friends were taking photos . Next year Allen will be taking his test and becoming an Aussie :o) So it'll be a party at our place next Australia Day.

Monday, January 21, 2008

SOS chior

I got an SOS phone call from Elana today about the concert they are holding on Australia Day in town, and out at the Casino. Im sure Jasmine will be more than happy to help out they only have 10 kids in the chior wanting to help out and most of them are newbees so poor Elana needs soem kids who she knows will listen to her and she has had before. AKA Jasmine. lol I couldnt say yes for her (although I pretty much did) I'll get her to call Elana after work today so she can let her know that she will be there. Elana will be happy that she has an experienced singer to direct so they sound good for the concert :o) I'll take some pictures and post them after Saturday.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

hmm lets try again shall we!

Well it's Sunday and Im updated again as Jasmine decided that she would close my page before I uploaded everything grrrr! I gave my first Sunday lesson in the new manual it was a hard lesson and I got some good feedback at the end which was nice :o) Sometimes I wonder if this wa such a good calling for me?? I've got some great pictures of Niamh in her cast and Gabriel attacking a chocolate teddy bear biscuit.

Ive also got some funny pics of Gabriel on the trampoline in the nude hehe!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Its only Thursday??

I cant believe its only Thursday? I feel like the week should be finished allready. Gabriel has had a busy week with his new adventure into animal taming. He's worked out how to open the bunny cage and thinks its great when they come running out. We spend the next 10 mins chasing them around the garden till they are back in the cage! Grrrrr Its funny but getting annoying now especailly when its happening 5 times a day! Im thinking of getting another type of lock to keep them in and him out!
Niamh had her first appointment with the Physio therapist for her feet yesterday. It was all meant to be routine just getting some info about what exersies to do etc. What hapened though was she came out with her foot and leg covered in plaster. The senior physio ( thats always a worry when the senior comes in) had a look and said yes the foot needed to be plastered so it can turn back out to its normal position. What happened was when she was in utero she turned her feet inwards under my rib cage and said yes thats comphy and stayed there. When she was born her feet were still turned inwards her left more so than the right one. It didnt look too bad and the doctor at the hospital said it looked fine just needs some physio as did the physio at the hospital. So it shocked me when we came out with plaster, I did fine while they put it on her leg and foot she didnt cry just lay there, I rang Allen as soon as I got in the car and thats when I burst into tears. I know she'll be fine and the cahnces that this will work are high and the need for surgery low but I cried anyway.
Jasmine is doing well at work (shes working at the raspberry farm) shes getting regular hours and getting along with all the staff. She also likes having her on cash which is also nice for me :o) As Im not shelling out money for her constantly, shes realising how much stuff is when you have to buy it yourself :o)
Xaviour was in heaven yesterday when we picked up his new bike. His old one which was not even 12 months old! Was stolen from his school the night I had Niamh. Allen picked both the big kids up from school to see me and when they went to get his bike (which was chained up) the next day it was gone. :o( Xaviour was very upset he blammed himself but we told him its not hs fault just some little bugger who took his bike. So we bought him a new one its blue and 18 speed like the last one. Hes pretty happy abut it now.
I also spoke to my mum (grandma) today to see if there was any new info on my brothers new girlfriend. Mum had no info at all! Grrrrr!!!! I might have to call him and ask myself. Im also proud to say that he has finally made the decision to stop smoking pot, its been 3 months now and I finally have my brother back! He's just a different person when he's on weed and not a nice one. I think with the new house that he has and a new job and a new girlfriend (and turning 30) he has made a chice to be a grown up :o) Fantastic!
Allen is off to Hobart next week for training he's staying down there till Friday.
We aslo had some more fun (not) last night. Jasmine rang her father in Melbourne and they were talking about his trip down here for Jasmines birthday in March. He came dwon 2 years ago and bought his wife and step daughter with him and Jasmine had a "crappy time" (her words). She told him that she would prefer he now bring them this year and that they just go and do stuff together for the weekend. This went badly, he kept asking her why she kept telling him the same answer over and over again. He called her selfish for only wanting him to come down and not his wife. She retaliated with "well its my birthday and thats what I want!" He knows that Jasmine and his wife dont get along yet they argued about this for over 30 mins! Jasmine gave up and told him they were not getting anywere with the conversation so she handed the phone to Xaviour. Xaviour was then asked by his father if I had talked to him about anything regarding his trip down, Xaviour responded with "even if she did its none of your business" ( by the way I hadnt said anything about the trip other than I need to know where they are staying ahead of time, as last time he came down he hadnt booked anywhere and said he would text me where they were staying whn he knew and he didnt do it and I had no idea where they were for 2 days). Xavioru also got yelled at by his father when Xaviour defended me. His father blamed me for Jasmines outburst and demands when Xaviour said hey its got nothing to do with mum its Jasmine, he got yelled at and told not to speak to him in that way. Funny how he can accuse me and carry on but when Xaviour defends me and saya hey thats not ok to blame mum, he gets yelled at. Hmmm I guess thats just one reason why I left him.
Like I said all this and its ony Thursday?!

Friday, January 11, 2008

A busy week!

Its been a busy week! We had lunch last Saturday afternoon at our friends Liam and Yvettes. They bought a new house in Longford just before Christmas and it was our first trip to see them at their new abode. We had a great afternoon walking around their big garden and eating their very yummy apricots! We had a bbq for lunch and it was so hot! We stripped Niamh off to just her nappy but she was still too hot, so we headed home to our air conditioner :o)
Sunday evening we had tea with our friends the Websters and Corona families. Luckily for Jasmine nothing had been planned for my birthday ( I had warned her!) Jacki told me that she had no clue until she had read it in the ward newsletter that day (which I wasnt there due to my lack of sleep). We had a yummy tea which I didnt have to cook so that was nice :o) plus the great company.
Monday I picked Xaviour up from the airport Gabriel was so happy to see him he ran to him with his arms open it was sooooooooooo cute! He really was happy to see his big brother! The downside was that my car which had been playing up for a few days ended up going in to be fixed. Poor little car just couldnt get going I had no clue what was wrong all I knew was that I wasnt going to be driving for a while. I finally got it bakc on Friday and 700$ later grrrr!!!!! None of what was wrong was covered under the warranty typical!
The rest of the week was spent trying to catch up on cleaning cooking and sleep! Jasmine came home from Young Womens camp on Wednesday afternoon and pretty much went right to bed :o)
Allen had his first full week at his new job and he was more than a little tired he slept right through my bad night wehn I got 90 mins sleep all night I was crying by 4am just so tired :o(
I finally gave Niamh a dummy to give my boobs a rest shes a real comfort sucker which is fine if you have nothing else to do all day and night but it hurts after a while and its tiring! so she has two very pretty pink sparkly dummies. I have some great pics of her which I'll ut up during the week when I get my camera back! Also have some funny pics of Gabriel nude on the trampoline hehehe.
I'll also take some pics of my plants that I bought today. We went to the nursary at Dilston and got some plants for the garden finally! I still have to get alot more but its a start :o)

Friday, January 4, 2008

New baby

Well its been 2 weeks and 1 day since the birth of our beautiful baby girl Niamh. Shes absolutly gorgeous feeding well and sleeping well :o) Cant ask for more really. I have loads of pictures allready and cant stop looking at her. After such a wonderful labour and birth with her I could easily have another but no!!!!!!! 7 between us is more than enough children and with only 5 bedrooms it would mean extending the house and Im not prepared to do that!

Allen started his new job yesterday and loves it he was so tired when he got home that he feel asleep on the couch holding Niamh I had to take her and put her in her cot before he dropped her! Jasmine is doing well at her first job :o) Im so proud of her getting this job with no help from us she did it all on her own. Shes enjoying having her own money and next week we are stting up her own bank account for her.

Xaviour comes home on Monday yay! Its been hard having him away after the birth of the baby Im so protective of my kids especailly after a birth its like the mother lion comes out of hiding to look after the cubs.

I have a lunch date tomorrow with friends a BBQ at their house and a tea date with more friends on Sunday night which is my birthday. Jasmine wanted to invite some friends over for me for my birthday and I said no! I hate surprises and I warned Jasmine that if shes been up to anything she'll be in deap trouble!

Anyway hes a picture of Niamh taken Christmas day she looked so cute :o)