Thursday, January 8, 2009

days of old

Yes its been and gone for another year, my birthday was on Tuesday and I wasnt expecting alot this year as in previous years Ive been dissapointed so I decided to just be happy with a extra 30 mins sleep. I was pleasently surprised this year with a breakfasst in bed (which I really dont like but I grinned and took it), A rose from my garden on my tray a happy birthday song and a call from my dad. I thought that was great but wait theres more! After Allen drove Jasmine to work (she started at 7am) he came in and gave me all my pressies, ALl the boxes were small so I smiled right away. ANything that comes in a small square box Im going to like :o) I got a new ring from ALlen yes he actually did some planning for this birthday and was very sneeky and hid my pressies for a long time! He also bought me a locket to put a picture of all the kids in, I also got some earrings from my dad and a bottle of Oscar de la Renta perfume. I'll post some photos later my batteries have run low and need recharging so I'll put some up later :o)
I also got a HUGE cake I asked for a chocolate Ripple cake and I got one but Allen used 5 packets of biscuits and 3 containers of cream! It was alot of cake but he invited Simone and Simon over as well as Jackie so they helped eat some too. I then got treated to a day of no cleaning and no cooking very nice :o) I was able to read a few chapters of my book which was nice to do in the sun. At dinner time ALlen made tea for us just us 2 which was great we sat at the table and talked till he picked the big kids up :o) All in all a great day and Im very lucky to have had Allen home for it this year. I guess that puts some ressure on me to outdo him this year ;o) I bet I can its his 40th this year so watch this space.....

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MsKay said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I am sorry to have missed it an should have wanted to wish that you wishes comes true, but better late then never. I am glad you seem to really enjoy it and Allen is a saint for taking the time to plan. My husband often for gets but he tries hard to compensate for it. As for the 30 minutes of undisturbed sleep that is a wish I carry in my heart everyday. Best of wishes to you.