Thursday, January 8, 2009

Teddy Awards

I went and picked up a copy of Time magazine last week so I could read a bit more about the new pressident, its been an interesting read. What I thought was great was the Teddy Awards column. I'll give you an example of what I mean:
"Americas pressident elect certainly merits this years Teddy Award, distributed to mark hornorable behaviour in the political arena...... he restained himself -dispite great temptations, despite exhortions from the press-to get into the gutter with his opponent..... He offered a dignified, honorable campaign to a nation that badly needed one... And what of his oppenent? John McCain spent almost all of his energy trying to besmirch his opponent without offering a memorable new idea....George W.Bush .... his last year in office is among his worst-clueless in crisis.
I cant agree more! I (even though Im not American) understand what a new pressident can do for the world I understand the pwer and influence he has and that decisions that that ONE person makes can alter the lives of these here n Australian as much as they can in his own country. I believe that this new pressident will do great things and I cant wait to see what they are Im watching history in the making and I love it!

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MsKay said...

I couldn't be happier myself. Although they have already begun to bash him I am amazed by what he has accomplished his first week in office. He is proving to the world that decent americans are still here among the Bushzombies. I am proud of america for taking a stand and stating NO MORE! As you stated he is being watched all over the world and his actions have the power to improve the lives of many. To ignore the obivious fact that this man has made history is ridiculous.