Saturday, January 3, 2009

Family thinking

All the kids and ALlen at a chinese restaurant while in the states last year

As the new year starts I always ponder what it may have in store for us. I was thinking about ALlens 3 older kids in the states and how its been over a year since we last saw them, I know it upsets him not being close by and I know he wishes that were different, who knows what the year will bring? Ive been thinking about my role in their lives which is minimal and thats my choice I didnt feel it was needed for themto have a "step mum" they have a mother who loves and cares for them and Im not there and have only met them once. Id like to over the next few years develop a more "friendship" with the kids especially Catlyn she is the oldest and smart as a whip! I hope that one day she'll want to visit her dad and I here in Australia and we can spend some time getting to know one another and Allen can build his relationship up again with her. The younger 2 kids Morgan and Brittany have a very close relationship with their step-dad which is great and I hope that they will also come and visit and see their dad here.

As for my kids I hope that Jasmine has a fantastic year with her finishing high school and starting college next year, Xaviour starts high school this year so hes loking forward to that, Gabriel will be going to pre-kinda this year and Niamh and I will be still going to play group on Mondays.

Im looking forward to this year and all that it has in store for us all.

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