Wednesday, January 21, 2009

windy days

Today has been SUPER windy I even had to rescue the washing that was being blown of the line! Needless to say we wont be going swimming in the pool today :o)
Ive got heaps of pictures to put up which I'll do when I find all the right bits... Allen was busy last night installing a security alarm for the house we are very.... wary of our new neighbours and the company that they have been keeping so to be on the safe side we know have an alarm. The house is very quiet right now with Gabriel still napping and Alen and NIamh sleeping on the bed, yep Im getting heaps done while there is peace :o) I also finally got a chance to watch "The curious case of Benjamin Buttons" last night and yes I did cry.. not that its a surprise I cry in the huggies adds. I was very pleased with myself on Tuesday afternoon when I went to have another round of blood work done the guy got a vain first time he was very gentle I didnt even feel it which is great for me with my arms. Gabriel sat on my lap the whole time and said "ouch" really softly tome and said "it's ok mummy" and rubbed my hand it was so cute. I have another apointment with Alister next month so we'll see how the results read then.
Jasmine and her friend Elsbeth have been having a great time at the university this week during the science expo it finishes today and they have both had a great time and learnt heaps of new stuff.

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