Friday, January 30, 2009

more photos

This is Gabriel having some fun with my camera the little monkey!

Gabriel and Niamh playing together

Niamh watching Gabriel play on the drum

Ohh yes this was the cake that Allen made for my Birthday I know it looks super wierd but thats what he wanted it to lok like. It still tasted good :o)

This is Lisa isnt she just glowing! Shes engaged to Shane (see next picture) I cant wait for them to get married!

This is Shane he's so sweet and is going to be a good dad check out Niamh she just climbed into his lap :)

Niamh and her talking dog she loves it, she got it for Christmas from Grandma :o)

Awww see she loves it! She wont share this with Gabriel she screams when he picks it up.

Gabriel and Niamh eating chocolate frogs and trying to watch Nemo at the same time.

Niamh and her "blankie" she wont sleep without it even when its too hot!

Bath time again its a nightly event not always with bubbles they tend to eat them hehehhe

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