Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Allens 39th

It was Allens birthday yesterday he turned 39 :o) He was up early taking Jasmine to seminary and because I was woken at 6:30am with 2 very wet bottoms I was up early too. I made the most of it and decided at the last minute to make a nice breaky for ALlen so I found the cookie cutter and cut 4 pieces of toast onto love hearts and then used it to cook 2 eggs also the same shape :o) It did look really good and must have tasted good as he ate it all then left for work. As the day went on he recieved a fantastic call from his big sister Jody who herself had her 50th just a few days ago HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODY! It was nice that at least one family member phoned :o) He had to make an emergency trip home as his cell phone battery needed to be changed so I played Jodys message and that cheered him up heaps. I know he didnt say it but I know it hurts that his parents didnt even call :o(

When he got home I cooked a special meal for tea and then he had a cheesecake for dessert as thats his favorite. Then "we" retired early so I could give him his pressent (and thats as much info as your getting ;o)

Then to top it off he got a card from Erik today and that made him smile too :o)

It was a good day and Im sure when mine comes around next year he'll do something nice for me too :o) Beware! Next year is going to be huge!

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Jackie said...

hey allen!!!!!
you don't look a day over 39..hehehe....
you're nearly there...the big -0..hehehe...